• Holly's Heroes

Holly's Heroes

  • $82.00
Duration: 26 x 22 minutes 

Year: 2004-2005 
Aspect Ratio:
Rating: G 
Produced by: Gibson Group

Holly is a basketball fanatic. In a life that has involved one move after another, basketball is her one constant. Holly’s father is a marine biologist and has regularly been posted to different cities around New Zealand to provide expertise. Holly is used to change, but her father’s career postings have meant she has never experienced lasting friendships and the comfort of a constant environment. One of the main reasons behind the family’s move to Woolich is her parents desire for her to spend time in one place and to experience life in a real community.
The move from New Zealand to Australia is an upheaval – but the pain is lessened for Holly, because Woolich is home to the RAMS, the best junior basketball team in the state. Basketball is Holly’s usual way of acceptance in a new town. A talented player, she has come to take for granted a place on the team. However, she’s never been able to stay in one place long enough to play out a whole season: and more importantly, she’s never been a part of a championship team.
On arrival in Woolich, Holly is unfazed by the “fush and chups” taunts about her Kiwi accent – but when she tries out for the team and doesn’t make it, Holly sees red. Undeterred she decides to make her own team – the OUTLAWS. This move upsets a number of locals, and tensions are exacerbated when Holly’s team wins the regional final, beating the much-valued local RAMS. By winning the regional final, Holly’s team makes the grade to the national league. This league includes a team from New Zealand, the WAKAS.
As the OUTLAWS practice and time draws near to travelling to New Zealand for the match, Holly’s loyalties are scrutinised by her team-mates. Is she an OUTLAW or a WAKA – she is after all a born and bred true-blue Kiwi!