• Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby: Series Two

Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby: Series Two

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 7 x 22 minutes 

Year: 2006 
Aspect Ratio:
Rating: M 
 Danny Mulheron 

The unrepentant politically incorrect Mr Gormsby is back in series two of the satirical New Zealand television series created and written by Danny Mulheron.

Things have gone downhill since Gormsby was sacked and the gibbering wreck of a principal, Roger Dasent, was taken away in an ambulance. The scheming Steve from Guidance finds himself in charge of a school where gambling, pornography and drug abuse are spiralling out of control. And that's just in the staffroom.
In this second series Gormsby is reinstated to solve a car bombing, coach the first XV in their annual game against the local prison, organise a school camp and use ballroom dancing to teach the boys gallantry. With amalgamation with a posh girls' school looming Gormsby addresses the sticky business of sex.