• What's Really in Our Food? Series Two

What's Really in Our Food? Series Two

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 10 x 26 minutes 

Year: 2010 
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Petra Bagust is back, investigating what we eat, in the second series of ‘What’s Really In Our Food?’. Every week we take an up close look at a food, and ask the questions –what’s going to give us the most nutritional benefit? Is there a health risk? How much is too much?

In this series we take a more detailed look into the intricacies of some of our staple everyday foods. We investigate our more fundamental foods, the ones we often eat without thinking twice about; the kind of foods we assume are absolutely fine. And we find it isn’t necessarily so.

In this series we have more expert opinion, more science and even a bit of humour.
Petra travel’s the country investigating how our food is made, deciphers the science in food chemistry, and finds out whether we’re getting the nutritional value we need.
The series will offer eaters a guide on what to eat to improve physical and mental performance, and what we might be better off avoiding. This is the show that asks – if we are what we eat, then what exactly is it that we are eating?
If you’re finding the choice of food bewildering, unsure of what‘s good nutrition, uncertain about what to eat more of and what to avoid, then this is the show for you.

- Potatoes?
- Spreads?
- Beef?
- Wine?
- Crackers and Biscuits?
- Cheese?
- Nuts?
- Chocolate?
- Eggs?
- Juice?