• What's Really in Our Food? Series One

What's Really in Our Food? Series One

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 10 x 26 minutes 

Year: 2009 
Aspect Ratio:

What’s Really In Our Food? investigates the food we eat, exploring the benefits and risks and debunking some of the popular myths or misunderstandings surrounding so many food products. We look at where our food comes from and how it is made, and along the way we demystify the science, test the ingredients and translate the labels.
The series is presented by Petra Bagust in a lively, entertaining style and the menu will appeal to a wide range of eaters – we cover everything from chicken nuggets to oysters. Petra will speak to both local and international food experts - leading medical professionals, scientists, and nutrition experts - unravelling the processes involved in the production of our food.
What’s Really In Our Food? looks at why we eat what we eat and asks if we’re getting the nutrition we expect with each mouthful. The series will offer eaters a guide on what to eat to improve physical and mental performance and the nasties to avoid, from pesticides to superbugs to plastic residues.

This series follows on from TV3’s highest rating Inside New Zealand documentary of last year also titled What’s Really In Our Food, made by Top Shelf Productions.
An excellent educational resource.

Episode List:
- Chicken
- Fish
- Breakfast
- Processed Meat
- Fruit and Vegetables
- Junk Food
- Coffee
- Packaging
- Bread 'n' Butter
- Country of Origin