• This is New Zealand

This is New Zealand

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Duration: 22 minutes (80 minutes of extras)
Year: 1996-7 
Aspect Ratio:
Extras: Extras include 'This is Expo' featurette, 'That Was New Zealand' documentary and an interactive version of the film
Director: Hugh Macdonald

The film that moved a nation – see why and see how.

It's 1971.
Never before and never since have hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders queued to see a film about their country and its people, the way they used to queue for rugby and royalty. Unique in the history of New Zealand film This is New Zealand is now released on DVD for the first time so that new generations can see what makes it so special.

This is Expo
This film was made to show New Zealanders the size and scope of Expo 70 in Osaka, Japan, where 77 countries were on display over six months, 64 million people visited the site and the New Zealand Pavilion showing This is New Zealand was among the most popular.
That Was New Zealand
A 65 minute documentary on the cultural context in which This is New Zealand was made, and the technical and creative challenges the young film makers at the National Film Unit had to overcome. It traces the history of the impact This is New Zealand had in Japan and later back home, and its eventual restoration for cinemas and DVD with digital technology.
 There are vox pops from young and old New Zealanders and interviews with notable film makers Peter JacksonGeoff MurphyGaylene PrestonGraeme Cowley and John Barnett relating their memories of This is New Zealand. They reflect on the many changes the country has seen since This is New Zealand was made in 1969, while noting that the impact of the film itself remains undiminished.
This is New Zealand (Interactive)
Examine any of the three screens in full-screen detail using the “angle” button on your remote! Find places and people you know – as they were over 40 years ago – on your wide-screen TV!