• Rage


  • $46.00

Duration: 94 minutes plus extras
Year: 2011
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 FHA
Writer, Producer: Tom Scott 

Director: Danny Mulheron 

Taking sides is impossible when you can no longer tell whose side you're on.

In 1981 New Zealand came very close to civil war during the 56 days the Springboks toured the country. Tens of thousands of people went to the games, many thousands demonstrated. Hundreds of people were seriously injured. Some people carry the physical and psychological scars to this day. When it was over the one subject people talked about constantly for months became the one thing no one mentioned. There are no reunions, no celebrations, no mugs, mo t-shirts. The most momentous winter in New Zealand's history became a repressed memory.

RAGE is the story of star-crossed lovers set against the turbulent 1981 Springbok Tour. A beautiful you Maori Police woman goes undercover and falls in love with a charisamtic student protestor. To save his life she has to reveal her true identity, knowing it will destroy their relationship. Their hearts are broken as the nation itself is ripped down the middle over the most noble of ideals; the all human beings are created equal.