• The Sunshine Man

The Sunshine Man

  • $20.40

Duration: 6 minutes  
Year: 2006
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Letterbox

Director: Peter Tonks

The Sunshine Man... if only we could see what he sees!
For just one easy payment, you too can escape the disappointment and heartache of your existence. For a limited time only, The Sunshine Man offers you the golden opportunity to see life as he does!
But just remember 'sometimes somethings, just aren't what they seem,' and after watching this curious dark comedy, you may think twice before hanging up on a salesperson.

From emerging director, Peter Tonks, this film is a visual treat with performances to match, and beautifully accompanied by Rhian Sheehan's haunting soundtrack.

"The Sunshine Man is an expertly put together dark little parable. The film manages to be both whimsical and perverse, and that's a neat trick for any film maker to pull off." Graeme Tuckett. National Radio, Dominion Post.