• The Man in the Hat

The Man in the Hat

  • $40.95
Duration: 73 minutes  
Year: 2009
Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Director: Luit Bieringa

Art-dealer Peter McLeavey has spent some 40 years running his gallery in the centre of Wellington, New Zealand's capital city.
His personal story (filmed by award-winning cinematographer Leon Narbey) is also the story of that part of the city where he lives and works. It is a film about a human being putting a stake in the ground rather than a documentary about New Zealand art.
McLeavey talks about his life - Including his peripatetic childhood around the North Island as the son of an Irish Catholic railway worker, his early love of art, his determination from age 12 to visit Europe, discovering his New Zealand identity whilst living in London and returning home to contribute to the country's culture as one of it's outstanding art dealers.

"There's an airy feeling of existential inquiry floating through Luit Bieringa's lovely portrait... the lyrical picture of McLeavey's Wellington is interspersed with readings (by Sam Neill) from his correspondence with artists, and frank conversations with the man himself." -Bill Gosden, Director, New Zealand International Film Festival