• The Lost Dinosaurs

The Lost Dinosaurs

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Duration: 53 minutes 

Year: 2002 
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 Bryan Bruce 

In 1975 Joan Wiffen a former Hawkes Bay housewife and self - educated palaeontologist discovered a dinosaur bone in the Mangahuanga Stream and revolutionised our ideas about ancient New Zealand.
Until Joan's discovery scientists believed that Dinosaurs had never made it to New Zealand - but now they had a problem. How did these huge creatures get here and what happened to them?
Come with us as we return with Joan into the rugged New Zealand back country to rediscover the timeless stream where she found the fossil remains of huge dinosaurs that vanished mysteriously 65 million years ago after the so-
called KT Event.

Ancient creatures come to life and leap from the pages of a palaeontologist's notebook in state of- the- art 3D animations.
Expect action, adventure and a thrilling journey back through time. But also expect to meet some of the worlds most respected palaeontologists as we try to unravel the mystery of where these giant creatures came from and why they disappeared.