• The Gully-ites

The Gully-ites

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Duration: 60 minutes 
Year: 1992 
Aspect Ratio:
Director: John Anderson 

A unique and heartwarming overview of New Zealand social history as the Gully-ites of Wellington's Holloway Road gather for Pop Swensson's 107th birthday.
"Nearly a mile from downtown Wellington, lies the Aro Valley. Off the top of Aro Street, straggling away up towards Brooklyn is Holloway Road. It's a dead end gully, once a bullock track down which the heavy timber was hauled from the forest around Karori. To an older generation it's square rigger gully, or simply The Gully."

A celebration of communal life and the major events of more than a century of change for the residents of Holloway Road, told through the eyes of Pop Swensson.
An excellent school resource, and for those who wish to experience NZ life as it once was.