• Te Pito o te Henua (Rapa Nui)

Te Pito o te Henua (Rapa Nui)

  • $30.80
Duration: 30 minutes 
Year: 1993
Aspect Ratio: 4:3

Director: Rod Prosser 

The story of Easter Island, Te Pito o te Henua or Rapanui, is a powerful parable of our time.
Some seven or eight hundred years ago the humans on the Earth's most far-flung settlement chopped down the very last tree.
A modern Polynesian investigator travels back in time to find out how it was possible for his ancestors to ruthlessly destroy their entire world and themselves with it.
He calls on the memory of the island's discoverer Hotu Matua, who returns as a ghost to see for himself the deeds of his descendants. The two visitors also discover an amazing cultural antidote to the sickness of civilisation.