• Sisters From Siberia

Sisters From Siberia

  • $35.95
Duration: 115 minutes 
Year: 2009 
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 
Rating: Exempt
Director: Russell Campbell 

In 2006, Wellington City Councillor Stephanie Cook succeeds, after some difficulty, in adopting two sisters from a children's home in Siberia. Katya is nine and Nadya four when they arrive to start a new life in the suburb of Aro Valley.
Over the next two and a half years we watch as the girls face the challenge of coping in a foreign environment, learning a new language and bonding in a family unit with their adoptive solo mum. As they do so we encounter other members of Wellington's colourful Russian community, including a ship jumper who is now a social worker and versatile performer at the Russian Club, and an 84-year-old violin and yoga teacher whose parents were White Russian refugees. Stephanie is committed to ensuring that her daughters grow up with a strong sense of their cultural heritage. But as they become Kiwi kids, are Katya and Nadya poised to leave their Russian identity behind?