• Good Taste Made Bad Taste

Good Taste Made Bad Taste

  • $35.95
Duration: 26 minutes 
Year: 1988
Aspect Ratio: 4:3

Rating: Exempt
Director: Tony Hiles

'Good Taste Made Back Taste' was made to show some of the tricks of the trade used by Peter Jackson in the making of his first feature film, Bad Taste.
Shot at PJ's Wellington home and on location, the film utilizes excerpts from Peter's early films, productions stills, interviews with the key cast, and excerpts from Bad Taste itself.
Never broadcast by television, this documentary is the only independent film commercially available showing Jackson's work.
Made by by Tony Hiles and featuring members of the cast, Peter Jackson’s parents, and others, it paints a vivid picture of the super-low budget start to Peter’s remarkable career.

Peter Jackson
Peter’s parents Bill and Joan Jackson
Ken Hammon
Craig Smith
Pete O’Herne
Mike Minett
Dean Lawrie
Gear House (Alien Spaceship) Caretakers
Excerpts from Peter’s early work
Excerpts from Bad Taste with original music by Michelle Scullion
An exploding sheep

'Flushed with unexpected success at Cannes, Tony Hiles had the good sense to shoot this insightful 'making of' documentary, capturing forever an insider's view of one of the most extraordinary debuts in movie history while the experience was still fresh. Not only is Good Taste Made Bad Taste a richly rewarding look behind the scenes, it also documents a formative moment in the career of one of the world's leading filmmakers. It's an essential addition to every cult film lover's collection.' Jim Barratt – Author Bad Taste 2008.
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