• Cowboys & Communists

Cowboys & Communists

  • $40.95
Duration: 64 minutes 
Year: 2007 
Aspect Ratio:
Extras: DVD includes TV Cut, Director's Cut, Trailer and Director Notes
Rating: M 
Director: Jess Feast

Produced by:
 Gibson Group

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The lives of a cowboy and a communist collide when Walter Potts, an artist and chef from LA opens his late night burlesque burger bar, 'White Trash Fast Food' in the bottom floor of an East Berlin apartment block where Horst Woitalla has lived since the Communist era.
Horst is determined to take back some of his power and close down 'White Trash Fast Food'.

Cowboys and Communists is the a snapshot of contemporary Berlin - the story of two clashing political systems, the collapse and aftermath of Communism, the tragedy of Bush's America and the difference between Sauerkraut and cheeseburgers.

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