• Chop Off

Chop Off

  • $20.40
Part of the New Zealand Short Film Collection
6 minutes 

Year: 2006
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Letterbox

Rating: G
Grant Lahood

A Veteran of the mainstay A&P Show sport woodchopping comes up against two cocky young Axemen and has to draw on all his skill and know-how to try and win.
An epic battle between young and old that combines well choreographed and photographed movement with an exciting narrative. All topped off by a big ending...

2006 Hoferfilmtage International Film Festival, Germany
2006 MIC Homegrown Film Festival, New Zealand
2006 Telecom New Zealand International Film Festival, New Zealand
2006 Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival, Brazil
2006 Asiana Short Film Festival, Korea
2007 Mo & Friese 9th Children’s Short Film Festival Hamburg, Germany
2007 16th Brisbane International Film Festival, Australia
2007 St Tropez Antipodes Film Festival, France
2007 Exground Film Festival, Germany
2007 Regensburg Film Festival, Germany
2008 Int'l Fest of Cinema and Technology, USA
2008 Shorts Attack! Interfilm, Berlin, Germany

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