• A Tale of Three Chimps

A Tale of Three Chimps

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Available in New Zealand only.

 50 minutes 

Year: 2001 
Aspect Ratio:
Rating: Exempt

Produced by:
 Gibson Group

A Tale of Three Chimps is a moving, poignant and dramatic story that documents the fate of three chimp brothers as their circus world disintegrates around them.
Oldest brother Sonny is a performing chimp in a small New Zealand circus. His future is uncertain. Mr Muggins lives as a humanised chimp in the midst of his loving family. His "Mum and Dad" insist they will never give their baby up. And youngest brother Buddy has been returned to the land of his ancestors. But is there such a place as "wild" Africa?
This documentary tracks the lives of these three brothers, from rural New Zealand to the Chimfunshi Chimp orphanage in Zambia and asks difficult questions about their past, present and future lives.

The international edition of A Tale of Three Chimps, produced by Donna Malane and directed by Cheryl Cameron, achieved third placing in the Certificate of Creative Excellence category at the United States International Film and Video Festival.