• 1nite


  • $26.00
Duration: 82 minutes  
Year: 2004
Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Director: Amarbir Singh

Set in and around Auckland’s Karangahape Road, the storyline revolves around four separate journeys taking place over one night.

The main journey focuses on a young immigrant Sikh taxi driver who struggles to sustain his optimistic view of the opportunities New Zealand provides, while in a bar two old friends get drunk together and uncover bitter feelings and rivalries. We also watch as a good samaritan recovering from a recent breakup supposedly helps out a crippled ex-cop, and a prostitute’s night is made that much more difficult by her obsessively watchful boyfriend.

A handheld miniDV camera and the improvised dialogue are two of the components that help 1nite capture the exciting street dynamic within a 24-hour timeline, creating an urgency as the plots evolves.

Urban insomniacs on the road "Impressing with its deceptive simplicity and ability to surprise, a low-budget drama by immigrant film-makers covers dusk till dawn on Auckland’s K Rd" - Peter Calder, New Zealand Herald

1nite is the award winning debut digital feature film from director Amarbir Singh. Premiering at the Auckland International Film Festival in July 2004, 1nite played to full houses and received rave reviews. Peter Calder, in the New Zealand Herald newspaper, said; "Stylistically, it recalls early Jim Jarmusch or Paul Auster's Smoke. But the Bombay-born Singh, who arrived here only seven years ago, has an immigrant's watchful alertness to the particularities of his new home, he and (the cameraman) Cristobal Araus Lobos, a Chilean émigré, put a distinctively local stamp on the genre, accomplished and entertaining film."