• Aftershock & Would You Survive?

Aftershock & Would You Survive?

  • $80.00

Also available separately: Aftershock and Would You Survive?

Set Contains: 2 Discs (Aftershock and Would You Survive?) 

Duration: 143 minutes
Year: 2008  
Aspect Ratio:
Produced by: Gibson Group

The film ‘Aftershock’ follows the fortunes of four groups of people in the minutes, hours and days after Wellington is destroyed by “the big one” - a magnitude 8.2 earthquake and subsequent tsunami. Buried office workers who must pull together; strangers, caught by the tsunami on the ruined motorway, who put themselves in danger to save another; a mother who must reunite her family; and, at the centre of the rescue operation, the controller bunkered down at the Wellington Emergency Management Office.

Would You Survive?
In the follow up to the Aftershock film, we test the average Kiwi family’s preparedness for a natural disaster – and ability to survive if the worst happens.
Aftershock – Would You Survive? puts an ordinary New Zealand family through their own personal disaster, challenging them at every turn as their world is literally shaken-up and then they’re made to cope in a disaster zone with no help, for three long days. See how they cope (or not) and what becomes important to them. You will also learn to make your own home and family more prepared for a disaster.