• The Third Richard

The Third Richard

  • $35.75
Duration: 81 minutes 
Year: 2008 
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 
Rating: Exempt 

Director: Danny Mulheron and Sara Stretton

The story of a composer. Banned by the Nazis, ignored in New Zealand, his music never heard... until now.
Richard Fuchs was a composer believed by his father to be the third Richard, successor to Strauss and Wagner.
He loved German culture above all others. Unfortunately German culture hated him. His music was banned by the Nazis and he was banished, so he fled to the last bus stop in the world, the booming monotone of New Zealand in the 1940s. No longer persecuted, just ignored. A man out of place and out of time. An enemy in Germany because he was Jewish and an enemy alien in war-time New Zealand because he was German.
60 years after his death his work is getting international acclaim. Danny Mulheron, his grandson, discovers the life and work of Richard Fuchs.

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