• Nga Waiata o te Iwi: Series One

Nga Waiata o te Iwi: Series One

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Duration: 5 x 25 minutes  
Year: 2011
Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Maoridom has a rich history of song encompassing many different styles that exemplify the fundamental values of traditional Maori culture and form a vital part of ‘marae tikanga’.
In this series we feature authors of this great tradition. We meet the people who knew them best, we talk to people who were influenced by them and we listen to some of their compositions. We also meet present day Maori composers and discover the influence these old masters have have had on Maori current music.

Episode 1: Sir Apirana Ngata
Episode 2: Te Rangi Pai Poata
Episode 3: Paraire Tomoana
Episode 4: Henare Waitoa
Episode 5: Tuini Ngawai