• Aotearoa: Earth and Sky

Aotearoa: Earth and Sky

  • $40.95
Duration: 31 minutes  
Year: 2008
Aspect Ratio: 16:9


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Every culture has its traditions about how the world was created. Maori have many of them - giants digging out lakes, water creatures rising up to form hills, and mountains engaging in a battle for the affections of a beautiful maiden.
These stories and many more have been passed down through the generations, revealing a world in constant change and a deep connection with nature and the land.

Aotearoa - Earth & Sky brings together a selection of these stories with exquisite imagery of New Zealand's extraordinary landscape. The ancient Maori traditions are brought to life by legendary storyteller Joe Harawira, and traditional Maori music by nga taonga puoro authority Richard Nunns (Lord of the Rings, Whale Rider).

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Aotearoa - Earth and Sky is a Moving Content production in association with Te Ara - The Encyclopedia of New Zealand.