• A Grasp of Wind

A Grasp of Wind

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Extras: Interview with Don Long, A Portrait of the Artist and gallery of artwork
82 minutes (including extras)

Year: 1982 
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 
Director: Russell Campbell

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An intriguing, amusing fable of the symbolic interrelationship of creatures and their environment.
A fisherman climbs a hill, and the higher he goes the bigger the fish he encounters. When a demigod with his own face urges him on, and the fish in his sack turn to pigeons, he realises he has entered a mysterious realm – from which only a total metamorphosis will deliver him. . . Not a word is spoken in this slightly surreal short film, which is at once a play on the concept of visual metaphor and an exploration of the logic of dream.

A Grasp of Wind features music played on bamboo instruments by leading avant-garde composer Jack Body.
Robèrt Franken is an internationally-known artist who moved to New Zealand in 1967. Born in The Hague, he has exhibited frequently in the Netherlands, as well as in Japan, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Australia and many New Zealand galleries. A Grasp of Wind is his only film.

Auckland Film Festival 1982
Wellington Film Festivals 1982
NZ entry, Commonwealth Film Festival, Brisbane, 1982