• Utu Redux DVD Single Disc Edition

Utu Redux DVD Single Disc Edition

Also available: Blu-ray 2-Disc edition, and DVD 2-Disc edition.

Duration: 103 minutes 
Year: 1983 (2013 remaster) 
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 
Director: Geoff Murphy 

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In 1870s New Zealand, Te Wheke (Anzac Wallace), a Maori scout for the colonial troops, finds his tribe massacred by the army he is working for. Anguished and betrayed, he vows to exact retribution—Utu—on the Pakeha.
Arguably the most ambitious and culturally important film to be made in New Zealand, Utu Redux restores and reconstructs the original 1983 classic with a heightened epic power that will enthrall nostalgic and contemporary audiences alike.


Featuring a restored transfer of director Geoff Murphy’s redux cut of the film with a Re-mixed 5.1 Dolby Digital soundtrack.