• Barry Barclay: The Camera on the Shore

Barry Barclay: The Camera on the Shore

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Duration: 101 minutes  
Year: 2009
Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Director: Graeme Tuckett

Barry Barclay was a New Zealand/Aotearoa film maker and writer. He was a prolific director of documentaries and feature films from the early 1970's until his death in 2008.
His films, especially Ngati (1987) and his groundbreaking documentary series Tangata Whenua have had a profound effect on the New Zealand film industry, and on many New Zealander's knowledge of their own country.
Barry is acknowledged as one of the first and most influential film makers from within the world's Indigenous nations.

The Camera on The Shore is New Zealand writer and film maker Graeme Tuckett's acclaimed feature length documentary on Barry Barclay's life and work.
Made over four years from 2005 to 2009, the film is based on a series of interviews that Tuckett conducted with Barry, and with his collaborators, critics and friends.
The documentary is illustrated with many priceless moments from Barry's seminal films.