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The New Right is Wrong

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A Trilogy of Films by Alister Barry

Format: DVD
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Duration: 107/105/105 mins
Year: 1996/2002/2006

Someone Else's Country
In a Land of Plenty
A Civilised Society

Someone Else's Country
During the early 1980's, a group of rightwing economists quietly came to dominate policy development in the New Zealand Treasury.

With the election of the Labour Party in 1984 and the appointment of Roger Douglas as minister of finance, their plans were realised with the introduction of some of the most drastic economic reforms seen in a western democracy. This feature documentary tells the story of how the new right elite took power and exercised it relentlessly to turn our country into their version of the model free market state.

In a Land of Plenty
From the Great Depression of the 1930s to 1984, the first objective of economic policy was full employment.

But with the election of the Labour government in 1984 unemployment was made an instrument of economic management, to be manipulated in pursuit of other objectives.

This feature documentary tells the story of how the policies and institutions which had sustained full employment were abandoned and reconstructed to maximise the effectiveness of the new policy. The film shows the political battles fought inside and outside government and the increasing effects on the cultural, social and economic life of New Zealand as a new poverty-stricken underclass developed.

Using extensively researched archive footage and interviews with those close to the action, In a Land of Plenty traces the origins, the politics and the effects of New Zealand’s policy of unemployment through to the present day. This compelling documentary cuts through the smokescreens and spin doctoring to reveal the heart of Rogernomics and the modern free market economy.

A Civilised Society
This is the untold story of the epic struggle between teachers and the radical right during the 1980s and 1990s.

In 1984 free market zealots took power intent on transforming public education. Schools were to be run as a business competing in the marketplace. Teachers passionately opposed this dog-eat-dog vision and battle was joined over the transfer of teachers’ unemployment from central government to schools, a process called ‘Bulk Funding’.

This is our history told from the front-line – parents, teachers and politicians,. We see archive footage of Treasury officials confidently espousing their theories, and ministers like Lockwood Smith forcing the changes. Board of Trustees wrestle with weighty decisions, while teachers march out of classrooms and onto the streets. Those ultimately affected – the students – face an increasingly unequal system. The struggle intensifies.

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