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Guardians of the Light

Price: NZ$35.75

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DVD Price: NZ$35.75
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Duration: 45 mins

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The days when lighthouse keepers sat up all night to keep the lights going are over – victims of automation.

In this documentary the men and women who lived on the isolated islands and craggy cliffs of NZ's manned light stations revisit their lights and talk about a lifestyle that ended last century.

Lighthouses have always held a special place in the hearts of New Zealanders. The scores of ship wrecks testify to the difficulties and dangers of navigating our long, exposed coastline. On many a storm-tossed night in a heaving sea, the distant flash of a lighthouse prompted a sailor to mutter a heart-felt prayer of thanks.

For almost 150 years lighthouse keepers tended those lighthouses. They were resourceful, pragmatic and practical individuals – as close to the romantic myth of the pioneer New Zealander as any. This is their story.

Howard Taylor Productions

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