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Format: DVD
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Duration: 31 mins
Year: 1969

Cast in the local pub, amongst a group of friends, "Tankbusters" became a first in several respects.

Geoff Murphy's "first film with sound", the first NZ drama to sell into international markets... and the first film to use the "mumblefuck" acting style. Opting to break all the rules of the then conventional stage to screen acting style (possibly to the resentment of stage-to-screen actors of the time), the cast was led by the most experienced (Stephen O'Rourke) in a how-not-to acting class. This was later adopted as a new standard for New Zealand dramas.

Shot on weekends over a nine month period, this now classic film caused a sensation on a budget of $4000.

Tankbusters first screened on NZ Television New Years Eve 1970.

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