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Fish Skin Suit

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Format: DVD
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Duration: 44 mins
Year: 2000
Rating: [PG]

While playing at the beach with their grandmother two children (Heremaia and Rata) witness an Elvis impersonator (Moses Brown – The Fishman) walk out of the sea.

They believe him to be the half fish, half man lover of Hine-Tai an island princess from ancient legend.

“True love is rare, but when you find it tell your darling you love her each and everyday. Hold on, hold on tight.”
Moses Brown – The Fishman

In the sleepy main street he befriends the children’s mother (Mere) who has just given her husband (Toa) an ultimatum. Heremaia believes his parents have opposites disease. Failing his wife yet again he is confronted by The Fishman in the local pub. Toa wins the fight but it is the Fishman who wins the woman.

Mere takes The Fishman home and serves flounder for dinner, but when she’s in the kitchen he discards the fish, possibly a distant relative. He confesses that he is highly attracted to Mere which makes her feel awkward and he is asked to leave.

Next day Toa returns home but his bags are waiting for him, Mere has had enough. The children run home to find Rata’s birth mother (Aunty Libby) back from Australia. Mere disappears and is seen by Toa kissing the Fishman at the beach.

A family dinner is held to try and mend the wounds but Toa’s emotions get the better of him and it ends in disaster. Mere visits The Fishman to warn that his life is in danger and that she will not be leaving with him. As a cold damp day ends, Rata and Aunt Libby have been missing for hours. When Mere finds them Libby makes clear her true intentions. She wants to take Rata to live in Sydney.

A huge night arrives for the village as they celebrate Nan’s birthday at the town hall. The Fishman however has his own agenda and pledges in front of all, his love for Mere. Toa has had enough but through the confusion The Fishman makes his escape to the beach. He is joined by a confused Heremaia. Together they swim towards Hine-Tai’s island nestle off the coast.

The whole family runs to the beach but it’s to late they only find Heremaia’s shoes. Toa swims into the deep in search of his son. Mere wades into the shallows and wails to the ancient gods that her son be spared. Like a miracle from the heavens, Heremaia rises from the dark depths holding the guitar of The Fishman who cannot be found. The family sits silently on the shoreline shaken by what has happened. Nan speaks for the first time in years.

“Nan says no one can undo a family woven together by wind and sea because there are no strings attached.”
Heremaia Knight

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