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Va Tapuia

Price: NZ$20.00

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Format: DVD Video
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Stereo
Duration: 15 minutes
Language: Samoan with English subtitles

This film tells the story of a farmer, Lui, who is burdened by the death of his beloved wife. In turn he has infected his land and crops with his grief and sadness.

There is also a widow, Malia, who has forsaken her abusive husband’s grave to the mercy of the elements. She is punished and haunted by his memory and she spends days sitting at the ruins of their home watching his grave slowly being consumed by the rising sea. Their chance meeting inspires Lui to reach out to her and change both their lives.

O lenei ata e faatatau I se faimaumaga, e igoa ia Lui, o loo mafatia ona o le oti faafuasei o lona toalua. O ona faanoanoaga ma le loto vaivai ua aafia ai foi lana galuega ma le

E le gata i lea, ae o le talaaga foi o se faletua e igoa ia Malia, o loo tauivi ma le loto salamo ona o le tuu lafoaina o le tuugamau o lona toalua fa'asaua.

O le fetaui o nei tagata e toalua o le a suia ai o la olaga.

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