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Tiger Country

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Format: DVD
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Duration: 90 mins
Year: 1998

Tiger Country is a raw realistic and darkly comic police drama set in the wild untamed suburbs of a New Zealand city.

The drama centres on two police buddies and the ways they deal with the life and death issues that have become commonplace in their working lives. It also focuses on their relationships with those that inhabit their world but have little idea of the grim and seamy side of human nature they regularly confront.

The title Tiger Country reflects the fact that police work is tough, it's dangerous, and delves into uncharted territory.

Tiger Country was written by writer and humorist Tom Scott, in association with former policeman, District Commander and Head of the Armed Offender Squad (now turned writer), Grant O'Fee.

A 90-minute telefeature following the fortunes of Detective Senior Sergeant Tony 'Horse' Radiscich, and his young team of Detective Constables, who patrol the suburbs of a large New Zealand city. Times are tough and there is increasing friction between the 'haves and have nots'. Keeping a lid on it all isn't easy since the police are also on the receiving end of funding cutbacks and decreased resources.

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