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16 Sleepless Nights

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Format: DVD
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 letterbox
Duration: 28 mins
Year: 2007

16 Sleepless Nights explores the relationship between mental illness and creativity by spending time with two successful New Zealand artists who have been affected by various aspects of the disease.

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Rio Hemopo: Rio is a musician, previously of legendary Wellington group TrinityRoots. Now towards the end of recording his first solo album, Rio reflects on his first breakdown, his period in an institution and the positive and negative impact his struggle with mental illness has had upon his friends, family and musical projects.

Charlotte Simmonds: Charlotte is a Wellington based poet/playwright. She was born in 1983. 16 Sleepless Nights follows Charlotte as she puts on a performance of her play, Artic Antarctic. Charlotte talks about her history of manic depression/bi polar disease and what role each stage has played in her ability to write. She talks about the demons her disease has created and about her fear of the broad range of treatment medicines she has taken affecting her talent.

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